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Highly maneuvering target tracking using multi-parameter fusion Singer model

Shuyi Jia1,*, Yun Zhang2, and Guohong Wang1   

  1. 1. Research Institute of Information Fusion, Naval Aeronautical and Astronautical University, Yantai 264001, China;
    2. Department of Aircraft Engineering, Naval Aeronautical and Astronautical University, Yantai 264001, China
  • Online:2017-10-25 Published:2010-01-03


An algorithm of highly maneuvering target tracking is proposed to solve the problem of large tracking error caused by strong maneuver. In this algorithm, a new estimator, named as multi-parameter fusion Singer (MF-Singer) model is derived based on the Singer model and the fuzzy reasoning method by using radial acceleration and velocity of the target, and applied to the problem of maneuvering target tracking in strong maneuvering environment and operating environment. The tracking performance of the MF-Singer model is evaluated and compared with other manuevering tracking models. It is shown that the MF-Singer model outperforms these algorithms in several examples.