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Combined algorithm of acquisition and anti-jamming based on SFT

Ying Ma, Xiangyuan Bu*, Hangcheng Han, and Qiaoxian Gong   

  1. Ying Ma, Xiangyuan Bu*, Hangcheng Han, and Qiaoxian Gong
  • Online:2015-06-25 Published:2010-01-03


A communication and navigation receiver is required to remove hostile jamming signals and synchronize receiving signals effectively especially for satellite  cmmunication and navigation whose resources are becoming more and more limited. This paper proposes a novel signal receiving method by combining the processes of anti-jamming and synchronization to reduce the overall computational complexity at the expense of slightly affecting the detection probability, which is analyzed in detail by derivations. Furthermore, this paper introduces sparse Fourier transformation (SFT) into the proposed algorithm to replace fast Fourier transformation (FFT) so as to further reduce the calculation time especially in large frequency offset environments.