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Investigation of system structure and information processing mechanism for cognitive skywave over-the-horizon radar

Xia Wu1,*, Jianwen Chen1, and Kun Lu2   

  1. 1. Key Laboratory for Radar Application Engineering, Wuhan Institute of Radar, Wuhan 430019, China; 2. Nanjing Research Institute of Electronics Technology, Nanjing 210039, China
  • Online:2016-08-24 Published:2010-01-03


Based on the cognitive radar concept and the ba- sic connotation of cognitive skywave over-the-horizon radar (SWOTHR), the system structure and information processing mechanism about cognitive SWOTHR are researched. Among them, the hybrid network system architecture which is the distributed conguration combining with the centralized cognition and its soft/hardware framework with the sense-detection integration are proposed, and the information processing frame based on the lens principle and its information processing ow with receive-transmit joint adaption are designed, which build and parse the work law for cognition and its self feedback adjustment with the lens focus model and ve stages information processing sequence. After that, the system simulation and the performance analysis and comparison are provided, which initially proves the rationality and advantages of the proposed ideas. Finally, four important development ideas of future SWOTHR toward “high frequency intelligence information pro- cessing system” are discussed, which are scene information fusion, dynamic recon gurable system, hierarchical and modular design, and sustainable development. Then the conclusion that the cognitive SWOTHR can cause the performance improve- ment is gotten.